Villiers Island Precinct Plan

The Villiers Island (formerly Cousins Quay) Precinct is one of the premier redevelopment sites on the waterfront, providing exceptional views of the City’s skyline. It is expected to form a gateway from the West Don Lands and the East Bayfront to the rest of the Port Lands.

The Precinct has an area of approximately 54.28 acres (21.96 hectares) and is bounded by the Keating Channel to the north, Toronto Harbour to the West, Polson Slip to the south and Munition Street to the east. West of Cherry Street, the precinct includes both Essroc and Cousins Quays. Essroc and Cousins Quays are landfilled piers that are entirely publicly owned, but are currently utilized by Essroc, Toronto Port Authority, and GFL Environmental. The lands east of Cherry Street have a mix of public and private ownership with ongoing industrial uses, restaurant uses and sound studios.

On August 16th, 2013, Waterfront Toronto in collaboration with the City of Toronto and the Toronto Region and Conservation Authority invited qualified firms to submit a Proposal for developing area-wide plans and design guidelines for the Cousins Quay, now Villiers Island, Precinct. The deadline for submissions to the Request for Proposals is September 9th, 2013.

The Villiers Island precinct plan will establish design and development objectives, secondary streets and blocks, linkages between local parks and open spaces, built form controls, and other mechanisms needed to create the basis of a regulatory framework to facilitate the comprehensive revitalization and high-quality development of Cousins Quay.

The precinct plan will complement and be coordinated with the Don Mouth Naturalization and Port Lands Flood Protection Project Environmental Assessment (“DMNP EA”), the Lower Don Lands Master Plan Environmental Assessment Study (“LDL EA”), and the Port Lands Planning Framework.

Villiers Island Precinct Plan

Consulting with the Community

Public consultation will be an important component of the development of the precinct plan. The same robust consultation process that was established during the original Port Lands Acceleration Initiative will be utilized. This includes a Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) and Land Owners and Users Advisory Committee (LUAC) providing input and guidance on the development of the precinct plan at key points during the project.

Community Meetings
Materials from each community meeting are available below.

Community Consultation Meeting #1:

Port Lands Open House – November 14, 2015

The Villiers Island Precinct Plan consultation materials from the Port Lands Open House are available below and include a video of the presentation, presentation slides, and display panels. The summary report of the November 2015 consultations is also provided below and includes a summary of the feedback received regarding Villiers Island.

Villiers Island Precinct Plan
Villiers Island Precinct Plan Presentation (Video)

Stakeholder Advisory Committee/Land Users Advisory Committee Meetings
Summaries from each SAC/LUAC meeting are available below.

Draft Official Plan Amendment and Related Materials

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