Lower Don Lands Master Plan Environmental Assessment (LDL MP EA)

Waterfront Toronto and the City of Toronto are amending and finalizing the 2010 Class Environmental Assessment Lower Don Lands Master Plan (LDL MP EA) to reflect the amendments that arose out of the Port Lands Acceleration Initiative 2012. The LDL MP EA represents a key component in the revitalization of Toronto’s Port Lands.

The Lower Don Lands is a critical site for establishing connectivity between Toronto’s downtown and the 1000 acres of the Port Lands. By providing a plan for integrated and sustainable infrastructure, the LDL MP EA will support the revitalization of these lands and add to the health, vitality and sustainability of Toronto’s waterfront.

The LDL MP EA refines the location of road alignments and includes all of the critical infrastructure elements identified in the City of Toronto’s Central Waterfront Secondary Plan. Recognizing that the site is a critical link between city and harbour, the LDL MP EA provides multiple connections to the surrounding neighbourhoods, existing and proposed, and to the harbour on all sides.

The road and transit network has been shaped to frame the new (proposed) Don River alignment based on the standards for all the bridges set out in the Don Mouth Naturalization and Flood Protection EA (DMNP EA). The LDL MP EA includes the realignment of Queen’s Quay East, Lakeshore Boulevard East, and Cherry Street, and the location for bridges at the Keating Channel, Commissioner’s Street Bridge and Basin Street bridges over the Greenway.

The plan builds upon the collective learning that occurred through the PLAI 2012. The Central Waterfront Secondary Plan proposed a number of new and enhanced connections back to the city and through the site. The Lower Don Lands Class EA Master Plan builds on the Central Waterfront Secondary Plan’s proposed connections and unites with the new mouth of the Don River to create an urban estuary.

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